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Way back then, you need P10 pesos for you to rent a computer for about 30 minutes and that is the minimum, you cannot rent a computer for less than that amount.Since Filipinos love the so called “tingi-tingi”, the retail version of internet rent (LOL), the pisonet business has become popular in the philippines in a short period of time.There’s an Internet Service Provider from Australia which I did a review about in the last article that offers unlimited internet too and for Australians it’s cheap.

PLDT DSL Plans are one of the best dsl internet plans in the Philippines.

PLDT DSL Plans, popularly known as PLDT My Dsl Plan is a highspeed broadband internet service that runs on PLDT phonenetwork.

Tired of asking PLDT if you got a slot for a fibr connection only to get a frustrating response that you can’t apply for a connection since it’s full?

And then being asked if you want to upgrade your plan application so you could get a connection? Well to save you the hassle, I can show you the way on how it works and how to check it without having to open the box.

PLDT Home Ultera It is an ultra fast, high speed wireless internet connection at home using TD-LTE technology. PLDT said that Ultera can deliver speed that is 21X faster than Canopy and 6X faster than Wi Max. PLDT Home Bro is a wireless high speed broadband internet connection that utilizes the cellular network of smart to deliver internet service.

Fibr Triple Play Plans – This plan gives you 4 choices to choose from1. If you’ll have 10 units (which is the common setup ), then you’ll have around PHP 140,000 in just one quarter.There are bunch of pisonet machine suppliers/vendors that offer cheap prices.PLDT internet service runs either on its phone network or runsthrough its cellular network. Unlimited Internet – no data capping PLDT Home Fibr Has 3 Plans You Can Choose From A. PLDT Offers Four Categories Of Internet Plans Related: PLDT Speedster Plan3. Pisonet, like the usual internet cafe business and other business, needs to have a permit before it can operate, as well as the credit score (vi).In this section, we’ll be talking about how to start a Pisonet business and we’ll try to dissect how much you can earn in this kind of business.But of course you’d be asking this first: Okay, lemme show you what you need to look at: Yes, this black box right here is a Network Access Point.It houses all the fiber optic cables connected to it and that’s the conduit that makes the connection from there to your house then to the router.Yep, there are newer NAP models out there so just check the coding that you saw above (LP 15 NP 7) How many slots does it hold though? That’s the maximum capacity for a single NAP unless it’s a double NAP that houses 16 connections. The standard is only the 8 connection capacity since it’s not guaranteed that every subscriber would line up for a connection, building one and if it gets unused is just a waste of resources it seems. That would save you time taking a trip to PLDT’s business offices or calling to know if you got a slot.Now for the main event, showing you the innards of the NAP might be nifty but you can’t just get a ladder and try to pry it open. That’s the secret to knowing if you still got a slot. And if you’re applying for a connection, list down the LP and NP and how many slots there is so you could get a technician to install your fiber connection ASAP.


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