Problem Solving Activities For Toddlers

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This is because the rich can afford to send their kids to places that provide them high quality experiences or expose them to intellectually stimulating activities. Your kid can learn and have fun this summer without you having to spend a lot of money.

Below are ideas for activities that your kid can do to prevent him from having “summer learning loss” and make him ready for the next school year:1.

Rote memorization is the most boring way of learning new words.

Of course kids can learn new words by simply reading.

In addition to actual physical benefits, sports teaches important life skills like self-confidence, team work and strategic thinking.

There is a wide variety of great sports that your kid can learn – from basketball, baseball, tennis, biking, swimming gymnastics to martial arts like karate and tae kwan do.

He should also strive to retain what he learned in school.

According to the US Dept of Education students lose as much as 25% of their learning in the summer.

Reading is also an activity that becomes pleasurable when done regularly.

When in school, teachers normally give students reading time.


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