Problem Solving And Conflict Resolution

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Conflict is pretty much inevitable when you work with others.People have different viewpoints and, under the right set of circumstances, those differences escalate to conflict.

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How you handle that conflict determines whether it works to the team's advantage, or contributes to its demise.

You can choose to ignore it, complain about it, blame someone for it, or try to deal with it through hints and suggestions; or you can be direct, clarify what is going on, and attempt to reach a resolution through common techniques like negotiation or compromise.

When team members learn to see issues from the other side, it opens up new ways of thinking, which can lead to new and innovative solutions, and healthy team performance.

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It's clear that conflict has to be dealt with, but the question is how: it has to be dealt with constructively and with a plan, otherwise it's too easy to get pulled into the argument and create an even larger mess. Healthy and constructive conflict is a component of high-functioning teams.

Conflict arises from differences between people; the same differences that often make diverse teams more effective than those made up of people with similar experience.

With the facts and assumptions considered, it's easier to see the best of action and reach agreement In our example, the team agrees that TV advertising is the best approach.

It has had undeniably great results in the past and there is no data to show that will change.

Remember that strong emotions are at work here so you have to get through the emotion and reveal the true nature of the conflict.

Do the following: Now that all parties understand the others' positions, the team must decide what decision or course of action to take.


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