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Just a few seconds ago, you figured out how to start this video, and that may not feel like a huge accomplishment compared to, say, coming up with the theory of relativity, but every time you engage in an action or thought pattern to move from your current state toward a goal state, you're solving a problem.

Problems can be generally broken down into two categories; well-defined problems and ill-defined problems.

Yet when they could appreciate the problem and come to the solution on their own, they were more than willing to accept the idea. Post a copy of the 4 Problem-Solving Steps where students can refer to it (maybe next to a "peace table").

We immediately created a chart with assigned circle seats and by the afternoon they were already reminding each other where they needed to sit. Problem-Solving Steps Teachers can put the Four Problem-Solving Steps on a laminated poster for students to refer to.

As you can probably tell, that approach would take forever.

And with trial and error, you're not necessarily keeping track of what you've already done, so you could get lucky and hit on the right password early, or it could take a very, very long time.

Ill-defined problems, on the other hand, have a more ambiguous starting and or ending point, such as how to live a happy life.

It's something you can still try to solve, but you may not know exactly what the outcome will look like.

Eventually we settled on two possible preventative solutions: 1) they could come to the circle separately and choose a place to sit away from close friends so they wouldn't be tempted to resist moving.

2) we could make assigned seats around the circle so that no one would feel uncomfortable about moving if necessary.


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