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You will employ these Python constructs to significantly improve the quality of your code in Hacking Version 6.In Module 7, you will not learn any new problem-solving techniques or Python language features.You will use two problem-solving techniques: problem decomposition and algorithms.

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You will add some fun features to the Poke the Dots game by designing, coding, testing, and debugging Poke the Dots Version 5.

UAlberta is considered among the world’s leading public research- and teaching-intensive universities.

To create your design for Hacking Version 1, you will use three interactive learning objects: the description builder, functional test plan builder, and algorithm builder.

In Module 2, you will discover how lexics, syntax, and semantics can be used to understand and describe programming languages.

In Module 6, you will learn a new control abstraction called a user-defined function.

You will learn how to implement user-defined functions using two new Python statements (function definition, return).

In Module 10, you will modify your game design using a new form of control abstraction called user-defined methods.

User-defined methods allow you to restrict access to the attributes of a class to improve data abstraction.

You will employ these Python constructs and a simple graphics library to write, test, and debug Hacking Version 2.

In Module 4, you will modify your game design to support multiple gameplay paths using a new problem decomposition criteria called case-based decomposition, which utilizes a selection control structure.


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