Problems Between Parents And Essay

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Adolescence can be a positive time when parents can reassess children's capabilities as they mature.

Parents who see increasing independence as an indication of competence are more likely to feel satisfied with their parenting.

Although boys may appear less socially competent than girls, this does not mean that they do not value social skills; they approach them differently.

The personalities of both parents and teenagers contribute to the quality and warmth of their relationship.

However, parents of disabled teenagers typically report that both partners are involved in all areas of their children's lives because they need to work as a team. The only issue for which Parent Line receives more calls from men than women is contact with children following separation.

Fathers are less likely to seek parenting support and usually look to their partner for this. It seems that male callers think they need a 'good reason' to call, often meaning they call when at crisis point.It is natural for parents to feel some anxiety as teenagers become more independent.However, problems can arise if this anxiety makes them act in a way which is intrusive or inhibits a teenager's exploration of new environments and relationships.How much control the parent tries to impose is more related to a teenager's than a parent's personality.Appropriate levels of parental control may be different for different families depending on the amount of emotional and developmental support the teenager receives from their parents.The following are the key themes that emerge from the research.Conflict is not necessarily a bad thing and can play a useful role in teenagers' development.Parents of disabled teenagers report that seeing their teenager develop socially is a key factor in their parental satisfaction.Parents, together or apart, find greatest satisfaction when they feel they are being supportive, view themselves as accepting, and affectionate towards their teenager, and see them acquiring qualities which they think reflect their successful parenting.If teenagers are involved in arguments between their parents, it does not mean that parents and teenagers are close.Teenagers are more likely to be drawn into arguments between their parents if conflict is continual and antagonistic.


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