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Martin Luther King Jr is most well-known for his speech known as “I have a dream”.

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Imagine someone three generations from now, holding a letter that you’ve written in 2019 and what it will mean to them to hold a piece of paper or card where you preserved history for your future generations to know you a little better. King was exceedingly brief, born January 15, 1929 and his assassination occurred April 4, 1968, there are children across every state in this country today who are holding photocopies of the writings of his life.

Challenging authority, or even questioning “the way we’ve always done things” is not an easy process. He did so as a lifetime effort, at least during his adult years. One of the things that came to mind immediately while researching the writings by Dr. They are the ones who know the names of the people in the photographs taken 30 years ago.

It takes courage to point out a wrong to a majority of people who fail to see that what’s accepted as right is, in fact, wrong. At Stanford University, you’ll find The Martin Luther King, Jr. King was how lucky we are to have a Presidential library in town. They know their life stories, where they grew up, what life was like around them at the time, what else was going on in their city and in our country then. King’s most popular sermons, one he delivered around the country at numerous churches is titled, “A Knock at Midnight.” In seven short pages, Dr.

He was also able to make the listeners feel like it was no just his dream they were seeing but their own as well.

When using pronouns such as we and our, they are effective because it helps to draw in the listeners as well as give the sense of unison in the audience. King was a very caring man and I believe that this speech came wholly from within his heart.


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