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Eliot doesn’t give any sense of hope for him in the poem – he remains a mode character until the very end.Froufrou even admits that he has “seen the moment of my greatness flicker, “(84). Even though Froufrou’s fantasies to be a crab, swim with the mermaids, be young again like Lazarus and talk to women about Michelangelo with the composure and articulacy of Hamlet give him a detachment from his day-to-day worries about society, love, and self.

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” (111) He is also second-guessing himself constantly throughout the poem: “Do I “So how should and “Then how should are all questions Froufrou repeats to himself during his monologue.

His feelings of inadequacy toward women are not only related to his appearance and lack of mental strength, but to the passage of time and its effect on him. Eliot explores Professors conflict with society, love and self.

Not only is he unhappy with the way he looks, having “To prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet;” but he is constantly afraid of what others will have to say about him: “(They will say: ‘How his hair is growing ) And ‘But how his arms and legs re Froufrou’s obsession with looks illustrate to us how much he wants to fit into socio and how much his identity is rooted in what others think of him.

Froufrou is insecure and frightened of peoples’ reactions to his balding head and slim, aging body.

This “question” is somehow associated with his social status, but both its ambiguity and Froufrou’s denial to even ask, “What is 1) gives some insight into his state of internal turmoil.

Froufrou is beginning to feel especially detached from society and burdened by his awareness of it.Eliot not only uses imagery here to create a picture of a headless crab scuttling around at the bottom of the ocean, but he uses the form of the poem itself to help emphasize his point here.The head is detached from the crab, and the lines are detached from the poem in their own stanza, much like Froufrou wishes his self-consciousness would just detach itself.He thinks “l should have been a pair of ragged claws/ Scuttling across the floors of silent Froufrou wishes instead that he could be a mindless crab, scurrying around the bottom of the ocean; another example of Froufrou’s impression of his position in society, rarely impairing himself to real people.In fact, in his dream sequence at the end when he imagines how his life might end up, he sees himself as an ocean creature, surrounded by mermaids “Till human voices wake us, and we 31).Froufrou claims that “l have known them all already, known them referring to the “evenings, mornings, and afternoons”(50) of his life which he has seen pass by, insignificantly. Elite’s portrayal of Froufrou, once again shows us how, dire Froufrou’s situation is.He also says “And have known the eyes already, known them and “l have known the arms already, known them which illustrate his failure with and fear of women. Froufrou’s lack of self-confidence leads to constant indecision, his “overwhelming question.He is indecisive and unsuccessful in his attempts to communicate with other people, repeating “visions and revisions”(33) and decisions and Eliot uses repetition here to emphasize the concept of Professors variations in behavior.Froufrou as we can see is in a constant sate of internal turmoil.The poem illustrates to us how Froufrou keeps assuring himself that, “indeed, there will be time”(26) to do all of the things he wants to do in his life, but first he must come to terms with his insecurities.However, his insecurities are related to his lack of confidence, so he is truly a tragic, doomed character.


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