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If copyright makes it impossible to use the publisher´s version of the article, pre-printed versions of the item (s) concerned should be used in both the printed and the digital version of the dissertation.If the pre-print version can´t be used, the author must offer to provide these articles, in the Di VA record of the dissertation, via email request.If the digital version of the dissertation does not contain all the articles due to copyright reasons, the author is responsible for making changes and publishing the file in Di VA.

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What is the journal policy for including the article in a thesis?

If you cannot find any guiding principles in the contract you might need to contact the journal or the publisher.

In placing the thesis on the author’s university website, please display the following message in a prominent place on the website: In reference to IEEE copyrighted material which is used with permission in this thesis, the IEEE does not endorse any of [university/educational entity’s name goes here]’s products or services.

Internal or personal use of this material is permitted.

Elsevier policy Theses and dissertations which contain embedded PJAs (Published Journal Article) as part of the formal submission can be posted publicly by the awarding institution with DOI links back to the formal publications on Science Direct.

Taylor & Francis policy We encourage you to: SAGE policy No sooner than twelve (12) months after publication of the Contribution in the print format of the Journal, to post an electronic copy of a Contributor-created version of all or part of the Contribution and abstract as accepted for publication by the Journal (i.e., updated to include all changes made during the peer-review and editing process), on Contributor’s own personal web site and on Contributor’s employer’s web site or repository, provided that such electronic copy includes a hyperlink to the published version of the Contribution on the SAGE Journals Online website together with the following text: ”The final, definitive version is available at “.

But for the digital version, the same generous rules sometimes do not apply.

Therefore, authors must always be extra careful to check what can be included or not in the digital version of the dissertation.

American Institute of Physics – AIP policy AIP permits authors to include their published articles in a thesis or dissertation.

It is understood that the thesis or dissertation may be published in print and/or electronic form and offered for sale, as well as included in a university’s repository. If the university requires written permission, however, we are happy to supply it.


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