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We spent a few solid months assigning blame to one another before moving on to the next thing. The nation turned its eyes back to Justin Bieber, economic recession and other sources of human suffering.In the intervening time, I have attempted to shed light on the practices and policies of what is now a robust and growing academic ghostwriting industry.Two weeks later, what we received would best be described as gibberish.

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The motives underlying student cheating began to erode, and with them, the emergent cottage industry of academic ghostwriting withered until there was nothing left but a few broken links, reminders of the brief moment in history when educators allowed technology to get the best of them…Address various forms of cheating (personal, at work, etc.) and how each of these can be rationalized by a social culture of cheating.We requested a twelve-page term paper for a university-level social psychology class, using fifteen references, formatted in American Psychological Association (APA) style, to be completed in two weeks.I have written from my experience and provided detailed observations from a former insider's perspective.As a penance for my illicit career, I consider it my lifelong responsibility to share everything that I know and understand about academic ghostwriting with any educators, administrators, or employers who care to learn. I even put on my third best shirt and interviewed with David Muir.In the coming months, we saw sweeping changes in the way schools teach and test.Not believable imo.”“My guess would be that the students did the research and he put the words together from their notes.Otherwise, it is dubious that he could have known enough to write those graduate level theses on his own.Today, I'm more interested in reflecting on the market landscape of the custom paper writing industry, on the ways that it has expanded, evolved and achieved commercial legitimacy. To say I received it from an online mob of righteously indignant educators would be an understatement.(Entertaining sidenote: One “educator” claimed, based on his 35 years in the field of psychology, that he could unequivocally diagnose me as a bonafide sociopath.) More disturbing and far less expected was the doubt, the self-satisfied refutation, and the outright incredulousness that greeted my claims.


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