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Rather than rush into problem-solving, you could attempt to determine what would happen if you took no action whatsoever. Before you begin your problem-solving, pause for a moment and determine whether action is actually necessary.Solving a problem effectively requires a clear goal.

The smaller problems, which you face on a daily basis, offer you the perfect opportunity to practise your problem-solving skills.One of the fundamentals of problem-solving is that you focus on what you can control.If you are required to change in order for the problem to be solved, that is within your control and your chances of success are high.There are many situations where what seems like one problem is actually a number of problems bundled together.When you are trying to solve more than one problem at any given time, you are making things far more difficult than they need to be.You want to showcase your individual competence and decisiveness, but also demonstrate collaboration, explaining how you would utilize your team's strengths to provide the right solution.Problem-solving interview questions require a certain thinking process so you can address the scenario from start to finish.You can learn to set clear and effective goals with the .Problem-solving is one of the most fundamental life skills.Problem-solving questions are becoming more commonplace, especially in consulting interviews.Hiring managers want to assess how you identify issues, and what steps you would take to implement solutions.


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