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the white teachers would discriminate the black student to an extent of failing them in their exams (Dill & Zambrana, 2009).Misbehavior in school is another issue that shows that there is inequality in the education system.Black students and the white students are studying in same institution but it is very different for they have to live differently due to the class that both are in.

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They are likely to be given first year instructors during their course while the whites have the advantage of being taken through the courses by trained and experienced instructors in their first year.

After some analysis, it shows that, education department examines the students discipline and the finding are that the black students as little as four years are facing mistreatment which is unequal from the administration.

a white teacher can see every slight and small mistake done by the black student.

Search shows that the more likely a black student is matched with a black teacher the less likely the is very rare to think that a pre-K student being suspended for one is left wondering what caused the suspension of such a small kid (Drakeford, 2015).

The importance of a teacher believing in a student is important for it encourages the student who has doubt about the academic system.

Teachers expectation may as well determine how the students behaves especially if the student is from a poor background.Fewer black students graduate from high school because 16 percent of them drop out of school, hence less of them enroll for college.Few black students make it for graduation but it takes a century for them to graduate.African American children face a lot of injustice when it comes to receiving punishment in their schools. African Americans face higher penalties than the white children.Black children are seen as the immoral and the poor children in the eyes of the white children white children dislike the black simply because they are poor.Black students receive federal and non-federal loan to cater for their fee in the four year in college.black students have a slightly higher aid package tan the white students do hence the education offered to them is not of good quality as that of the whites.non-black teachers have less students in the black student and this discourages the student from working hard.The white teachers are likely to have less expectations about a black student.education in the united states is far much different when it comes to how both the Asian Americans and the united states students are treated.Analysis show that the black, the Latino and the native Americans students have less access to advanced studies.


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