Racist Math Problems

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While collective action problems are ubiquitous, not all of them are as serious as decisions that produce toxic air pollution or risks of fatal accidents. In some cultures, women are expected to buy expensive high-heeled shoes, which can be painful to wear, costly to buy, and can make it more difficult to run away from attackers.

The main advantage to high heels is that they supposedly give women's legs a more attractive shape.

Case in point: Black unemployment has traditionally soared above white unemployment for decades.

On the surface, this begs the question, "Do blacks simply not take the initiative that whites do to find work?

" Digging deeper, we discover studies indicating that, in actuality, discrimination contributes to the black-white unemployment gap.

In 2003, researchers at the University of Chicago and MIT released a study involving 5,000 fake resumes, finding that 10 percent of resumes featuring “Caucasian-sounding” names were called back compared to just 6.7 percent of resumes featuring “black-sounding” names.

Generally speaking during slavery, blacks were deemed intellectually inferior to whites.

Sadly, racism persists in modern society as well, most often taking the form of discrimination.

Moreover, resumes featuring names such as Tamika and Aisha were called back just 5 and 2 percent of the time. have spent lifetimes in a society which traditionally values whites lives over theirs, they are as likely to believe in the superiority of whites, themselves.

The skill level of the faux black candidates made no impact on callback rates. It’s also worth noting that in response to living in a racially stratified society, people of color sometimes complain about whites.


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