Rap Music Essay

After that, the audience that favored rap had been rapidly increasing.It was not popular only among the African Americans, and in the 1980s the white people bands appeared such as Beastie Boys.Stanzas and verses are other features that make rap to be classified as poetry. Rap just like this poetry derive song lyrics from a renowned instrument called lyre that was used by poets of ancient times (Nelson 130). This resembles poetry which depicts the literature and culture of people at a given period (Jimmy 478).

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The question that arises is therefore whether the rap music is poetry.

Just like poetry, rap music uses sound to drive the intended message home.

However, modern rap is rather different from what it was at the beginning of its existing.

Modern hip hop is softer and often includes the melody.

It tells a lot about the age and culture of the people using the message it delivers (Bertice 12).

From linguistic point of view rap music is not poetry.It is one of the most loved by college students topics for argumentative essays and different research papers.It is one of the modern themes and students find it easy to create an outline on such topic.Rap artists play with their words to produce sounds that carry the intended message (Alan56). The physical appearances of both genres do not bring out any difference and this leads to conclusion that rap is poetry.It is therefore evident that rap uses the same process as poetry to achieve its ultimate goal. Poetry is associated with lyrics as in ‘lyric poetry’ of American poets (Timpane and Watts 20). Rap is poetry as it is composed from happenings of day to day activities (Mc Iver 219).In summary, rap music is poetry and the opposition given lack viable support. Rap music is a particular kind of music that caused lots of discussion by its developing.The sources of rap were hidden many years ago when African-Americans were telling stories under the accompaniment of only rhythmical beaten.The great popularity rap received in the 1970s, and the first hit was released by the Sugarhill Gang.At the end of the century, the character of rap music rather developed and changed.Simple lyrics were replaced by complex ones, and the new style was considerably louder.


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