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How, then, do you go through the process of proofread in an efficient and effective way in the short possible time?

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By exposing only the sentence you're reading and proofreading, you essentially lead your brain into thinking that it only has that one line to edit at that particular time.

A tired mind that is not overwhelmed works a lot more efficiently than a tired mind that is aware of the bulk of tasks it still has to finish.

Congratulations—you've finally mustered enough creativity and patience to finally finish your write-up.

The hardest part is over, and now all you need to do is review your entire write-up for any grammatical or spelling error. Be careful, though—if you do not do this last step carefully, you might jeopardize a supposedly high rating of your excellent article just because of minor, "stupid" grammar and spelling mistakes. Proofreading, the process of carefully examining a text for any error, is a task often done hurriedly and unenthusiastically by tired editors or impatient writers.

If you find yourself typing dangling modifiers, note that down as well. This particular tip works if you have to really focus on proofreading the content and flow of ideas in your text (not so much on grammar and spelling, though).

Do this for whatever grammar or spelling error that seems recurring in your piece. Printing your work and going out to a garden or a relaxing spot with your editing pen is a good way to go about checking the logical flow of ideas in your text.


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