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I feel that anything that can be watched by our children during Prime Time Hours should be regulated.I watched a show “Housewives of Atlanta” and I was outdone with the antics, of course I know that sometimes things get out of hand.

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”(dstokes) “Banning shows from networks that are categorized as a reality show because of its lack of censorship should not be allowed because it will ultimately result in the loss of viewers of the channel.

” The reality show should be aware of the fact that there are younger viewers and audiences that have morals.

But does this reality TV revolution present the viewers with real life?

Or does it present what the TV producers want the viewers to see?

The FCC says “The shows are prohibited from rigging of any kind, exploiting children and other things such as nudity and language that are not censored” (Amy Nutt) “When participants sign on to be a part of a reality show they sign contracts and are then bounded by the terms of the contract, and if they violate the contract they risk being kicked off the show.

” (Amy Nutt) “There are laws and regulations which govern reality TV shows.” (Amy Nutt) I hear what is being said about the laws of governing reality shows.Does that mean the checks and balances are not holding up, or is it that no one really cares?We have a moral and social right to protect our children and their immature minds.“This may be hard to believe since many reality TV shows seem cutthroat, but actors are aware of the type of TV show they are taking part in and agree to such treatment in their contracts.”(dstokes) “Banning reality television from TV networks is not a well-thought out or educated decision” (dstokes) “Our lives off camera aren’t censored, so what we watch on TV shouldn’t have to be either” (dstokes) “Instead of banning reality television, viewers who oppose it should disregard reality TV as a whole and watch a show of a different category or set-up parental block on reality shows” (dstokes) Considering that we cannot always be with our children where ever they are, I can still say that there should always be a controlling factor in regulating Reality TV shows, regardless of what happens in our everyday lives.Just because I can be exposed to immorality, lewd, and depraved actions doesn’t mean I want to live like that, or have my children exposed.This is what makes the show interesting” (Amy Nutt).I know that we have laws that govern, is this all we need to regulate the quality of our viewing?”(dstokes) “As many know, reality TV can range from shows that are more realistic then others.”(dstokes) “Even though that may be true, all reality shows are entertaining and have a reason to be broadcast on worldwide television sets.


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