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It is also worth mentioning that communication as a social tool could be performed differently in various contexts.

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Thus, in a real social context, ideas could also be shared through paralinguistic cues such as silence, pitch, tone, gestures, postures, and facial expressions.

I have once told my friend that her brother’s fiancée is beautiful. ”; once you read this answer, it might seem like a confirmation on her part.

I also used to ask questions in international conferences, which fortified my self-esteem and made me improve my academic communicative abilities.

To wrap up, today’s world has brought to life numerous means of communication that are all related to language as the backbone of communication.

The modern means of communication, mainly the wide array of applications such as Facebook and Skype have grown into most useful tools that help us keep up with the pace of the 21st century.

Communication is the means by which interactants manage to voice their ideas and articulate their concerns within a social context.

When the teacher used to ask us who would like to take the next Powerpoint presentation, I have always had the courage to accept.

I noticed that many of my classmates avoided those presentations because they did not possess conversational skills that would allow them to communicate their ideas in an informative way.

What I am driving at is the idea that if you do not communicate more often in different social contexts, you will never sharpen your communicative skills.

If you do not train yourself to adapt to different conversational situations, you will not overcome your shyness and embarrassment.


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