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The bibliographies in many Wikipedia articles are also useful for finding books and articles relevant to your subject. Search for “online academic databases,” and you will find more than you will need.

If your preliminary research reveals a lack of sources for your subject, you should consider choosing a different topic.

are divided into sections with headings and sub-headings so that the reader can find specific information easily.

Business reports often present information visually using graphs, tables and diagrams.

Even if the original subject has adequate information, your preliminary research could indicate that you need to change your thesis statement.

Remember to get your instructor’s approval for any changes.

Without inquiring minds and research, progress would be stifled. Bear this in mind when your assignment requires you to write a research paper.

In this article, our purpose is to understand how a non-scientific, non-technical research paper is produced.

This is where you will make a specific statement concerning what you believe about a particular matter. You want to be sure that you have such approval before you do any major research. You will list your main points and some supporting details.

Ideally, it should aim to be controversial as you take a certain view, preferably your own unique view To make the thesis statement, some quick searching should be done to see if your thoughts can be supported. With your working outline in hand, you are ready to do some research.


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