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In this section, you'll need to lay out your financial projections for your company. Close your business plan with a pitch for funding, and list any supporting data, graphs and charts that bolster your pitch.

In it, you'll go into more detail on what your company does and what solutions to brings to the marketplace. What is the leading marketplace product or service and what are you doing to improve on the leading products or services? Who has ownership of the company and at what percentage?

In this section, it's time to get specific and detail what product or services you're developing and what customers you're targeting. Financing companies want to work with differentiators, and they'll want to know what separates your business from the pack. How will your company operate (i.e., as a partnership or as a corporation, primarily) and who will be the key decision makers? These are the primary questions you'll need to answer in the company organization section of your business plan.

If you claim sales figures twice as large as the competition, for example, they may well think you're not being realistic.

A good business plan shouldn't have more than 25 or 30 pages, and many good one's clock in at 15 pages.

While some would say having a business plan is an absolute must, others would argue that you can get started and be successful without one.

I think the answer lies in how confident you are in your idea and how organized you are in terms of executing it.

You have a great business idea and want to jump right in.

The one thing holding you back may be lack of a clear business plan.

Also, how will you market your product or service to customers?

These are the questions you'll need to answer in this section. Company funders consider this the most important section of your business plan, so be thorough and as accurate as possible in presenting financial data to your readers - they'll be pouring over every word and every digit to judge whether there's a good business opportunity here or not.


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