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The source list preliminary bibliography offers a list of your primary and secondary sources that you are going to use. In MLA, this could take the form of: Preliminary Bibliography Jennifer Betts Topic: Hunger Games Context: Dystopian Fiction Primary Sources: Under the header capital, it helps to support the argument…In MLA, this might look something like: Preliminary Bibliography Jennifer Betts Topic: Hunger Games Context: Dystopian Fiction Primary Sources: Another way to create a preliminary bibliography is by adding notes, or annotating the important information found in the different sources. You might notice that this will be called a preliminary bibliography rather than a preliminary works cited or reference page.

Most of the times, annotations help explain the viewpoint of the authority, author, and to give clarity about the content.

Moving further, we will explore the differences between abstract and annotated bibliography, and learn the tips and steps that are essential to compose the two in detail, as well as thoroughly discuss the annotated bibliography examples.

It comes down to writing style, personal preference and instructor requirements. Retrieved from You might also try to create a combination of the two for your preliminary bibliography.

However, there are a few basic ways that you can lay out your preliminary bibliography. This means you are evaluating your primary and secondary sources and adding annotation about what they will add your article and different chapters that might be important.

Not sure about its purpose and confused about how you should format your annotated bibliography?

Here is a step by step guide on how to write an annotated bibliography, with examples.Whenever you look at or listen to the words "annotated bibliography", know that it is referring to the list of various articles, documents, and books, along with a brief summary and analysis of its content.First part is simple citation and then comes a small brief, which is up to 150-200 words, or according to your teacher’s requirement.Instead of breaking down the primary and secondary sources, the preliminary bibliography will be listed in alphabetical order like a typical bib, but you discuss what value each source will add. The reason that it will be called a preliminary bibliography is due to the fact that here you will add all the sources that will go into the inception of your paper, even if you don’t cite them in the body of the piece.The annotation might only be one sentence, or it might be several. A reference page or works cited will only list those sources that are cited in the work, while a bibliography will list all the sources used to create the paper.2) Annotation Coming to the second part of the annotated bibliography, which is an annotation, there are four tips to keep in mind. Why does your professor want you to add it when you are describing the sources and including them in your research paper?Some of the purposes of writing an annotated bibliography are listed below: A bonus point!In APA, this might look like: Preliminary Bibliography This book will add the meat for most of my argument about dystopian writing… In addition to having an outline for your paper, it can be helpful to have an outline of the sources that you are going to use in your paper.This preliminary bibliography will break down the sources you’re going to use or might be helpful in an easy to follow way.When you are given an assignment, there is a certain style or format that is specified by the teacher.The citation of every paper is dependent on the particularly assigned format, which can be MLA, APA, Chicago and so on.


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