Research Paper On Abortion And Ethics

Evicting homeless people from one's property is an example.

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This obliges barristers to accept instructions regardless of the identity of the client, or the nature of the cause, or the barrister's own opinions about the client's conduct.

Judges, likewise, must decide disputes according to law; their function is not to pass moral judgments on litigants. As a lawyer with a commitment to autonomy, I see abortion as an issue that overwhelmingly concerns the autonomy and dignity of the pregnant woman herself.

The reflections that follow, therefore, do not pretend to constitute some systematic overview but rather, some personal thoughts and ideas which may prompt further discussion. “Autonomy” derives from the Greek and means, literally, “self rule”.

So what can a barrister say on the ethics of abortion? If a woman who is pregnant wishes to stop being pregnant, why should we prevent her?

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Abortion is a controversial subject that has been continually argued over for the last 30 years.

If they did, the client would probably go elsewhere!

The Bar has a rule of conduct called the “cab-rank” rule.

However, there should be exceptions in the law allowed for rare cases of rape and incest that result in a pregnancy.

Pro-choice followers try to use excuses such as rape, incest, health risks and birth defects as the basis for ethically justifying all abortions performed in the world.


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