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Research Paper On George Washington-81
Washington signed up for Braddock’s force as a volunteer aide (Joseph Ellis 45). was then attacked by the French, the battle only lasted a day in which George Washington surrender and the French made him sign a ... His men kept intercepting supplies for the British.Another is March 4-5, 1776 George Washington had a strong hold on the ...

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Augustine Washington taught George how to survive in the wilderness because it is a valuable lesson for someone who is growing up. Soon after, George moved with his older brother to Mount Vernon. Abstract George Washington was the first president of the United States of America. In 1753, there was a rivalry going on between the French and the British over having control of the Ohio Valley.

George met a woman named Sally Cary Fairfax and got married to her. Washington’s dream was to go to sea, however, he changed that to a surveyor. Because Washington was one of the four of Virginia’s military he got public notice by Gov. This was a very dangerous mission that was approximately five hundred mile mission through the mountains of the Ohio Valley.

He was considered an American hero from some of the people in the United States. 22, 1732 in Westmoreland County, VA(George Washington’s Mount Vernon). George’s Parents names were Augustine Washington and Jane Butler.

Washington’s mother died when he was at a young age.

He gave Washington the name Conotocarious (Town Talker). The Horses could barely be ridden because their legs would sink into the snow and get cut from the ice chunks on the ground.

He convinced the Indian tribe to help him on his mission. The travel back to Virginia for Washington was very dreadful. Washington was in a hurry to tell the lieutenant governor that there could be a French attack.Washington figured that there was a dead end and led the men back into the right direction.As they began to move the Indian that tried finding a shortcut ran in front of Washington and shot at him and missed. Gist wanted to kill him but George didn’t want to see the sight of a man getting killed.Washington and his men reacted quickly build a log stockade. The rain rushed into the fort and ruined the gun powder. ” said Washington to his men( An American Life, Laurie Calkhoven 39). Washington never wanted to surrender this battle but, one-third of his men have been killed(James Flexner 10). The next day which was July 4th 1754, Washington had no choice but to surrender on behalf of the British.He named it Fort Necessity which wasn’t large enough to hold all of George Washington’s men. Washington’s men were unprepared without protection. After the battle, the French decided to not take any prisoners from Fort Necessity.He and his Indian translator Christopher Gist moved along the trails thorough the weather.An Indian guide promised to lead Washington through a shortcut through the long trail but, there was no shortcut. Farris History 1 Cp period 2 17, March, 2010 George Washington: An American Hero George Washington grew up with discipline and education from his father Augustine Washington.Some of the lessons George Washington was taught had a lot to do with The French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War.Washington saw British ships sailed into the Potomac River with many soldiers and cannons and their new Major General named Edward Braddock.He tried making a name for himself by doing what Washington tried doing which was taking the French out of the Ohio Valley except he wanted to succeed.


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