Research Paper On Training And Development

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"A Study on Training and Development at Galla Foods, Rangampet, Chittor." International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology 3.6 (2017).

This Program explains what employee and organization development means and teaches how to become an expert in managing the training and development of personnel; such a trained expert is vital to oversee the development of staff, employees and other personnel so that they contribute to the successful, effective and profitable performance of the organization.

To make the most of their leadership development process, businesses need: revealed that the ability to “continue to learn and gain competence is a characteristic that often sets exceptional leaders apart from their counterparts that hit a ‘performance plateau’ earlier in their careers.”Leaders who can keep growing and adapting to new circumstances are more likely to excel in their role over the years than their less adaptable counterparts.

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So, many organizations are beginning to focus on adaptability and continuous learning as core competencies to be developed in their T&D programs.The Program covers training needs analysis, core training and development requirements, various training and development methods; and how to undertake and manage the activities involved in designing, monitoring and evaluating the development activities taking place in an organization.The Program also shows how to prepare suitable development policies, and covers leadership, motivation and the effects of change.Self-directed learning, or SDL, is a major focus of the employee training and development industry.It empowers employees to complete training on their own time while focusing on the subjects of greatest interest to them—which helps improve engagement with the training.Not only can training employees enhance their performance in their current job, it also can help drive employee retention and engagement.Organizations of all sizes in all industries need to have a solid pipeline of leadership candidates in place to fill the shoes of leaders who may be preparing to leave. International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology, 3(6) A Study on Training and Development at Galla Foods, Rangampet, Chittor. I gained a job as project engineer while still training with CIC, and was later appointed as project manager.Businesses that invest in the training and development (T&D) for their leaders are investing in the future of their company.


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