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NCDVTMH is involved in conducting research on a number of emerging issues.

The Member Programs’ Survey: Initial Summary of Key Results On an ongoing basis, NCDVTMH identifies evidence-based, promising, and model approaches to healing from trauma in the context of domestic violence.

This includes reviewing the current literature on trauma treatment, conducting interviews with programs identified as model or promising, and holding focus groups with survivors who receive services from a diverse range of DV/SA programs across the country.

The paper, , provides an analysis of nine trauma-based treatments specifically designed or modified for survivors of domestic violence, along with caveats and recommendations for research and practice going forward.

The paper is part of a multi-year effort by NCDVTMH to partner with researchers, clinicians, and the domestic violence field to build an evidence base for both trauma-informed work and trauma-specific treatment in the context of domestic violence.

The Domestic Violence Coalitions’ Needs Assessment Survey Report summarizes the results of this survey, describing state-level collaborations and policy work, the availability of culturally specific services, barriers and challenges faced, supports coalitions provide to member programs, and the impact of training and TA on coalitions and programs.

This survey was conducted as part of a multi-year effort by NCDVTMH to provide support to coalitions as they work to assist their member programs in developing accessible, trauma-informed, culturally relevant domestic violence services and organizations.

In addition, NCDVTMH has completed research on emerging video technology for the delivery of distance mental health, counseling, and advocacy services in rural and other underserved areas.

Mental Health and Substance Use Coercion Surveys Research has demonstrated that survivors of domestic violence are at greater risk for experiencing a range of mental health and substance use conditions.

While there are numerous interventions designed to reduce trauma-related mental health symptoms, most were originally developed to address events that occurred in the past.

Many domestic violence survivors are still under threat of ongoing abuse or stalking, which not only directly affects their physical and psychological safety but treatment options as well.


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