Resistance Of A Wire Coursework Diagram

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For an electron, the journey from terminal to terminal is not a direct route.Rather, it is a zigzag path that results from countless collisions with fixed atoms within the conducting material.

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The table below lists resistivity values for various materials at temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius.

As seen in the table, there is a broad range of resistivity values for various materials.

Perhaps you're doing a lab and need to know the resistance of a resistor used in the lab.

Use the widget below to determine the resistance value from the colored stripes. Household circuits are often wired with two different widths of wires: 12-gauge and 14-gauge.

Like the resistance to water flow, the total amount of resistance to charge flow within a wire of an electric circuit is affected by some clearly identifiable variables.

First, the total length of the wires will affect the amount of resistance.

Resistance is a numerical quantity that can be measured and expressed mathematically.

The standard metric unit for resistance is the ohm, represented by the Greek letter omega - .

The longer the wire, the more resistance that there will be.

There is a direct relationship between the amount of resistance encountered by charge and the length of wire it must traverse.


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