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Edit and proofread your work to ensure you remove all mistakes and present your case in the most clear and direct way.

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In these reports—often referred to as response or reaction papers—your instructor will most likely expect you to do two things: summarize the material and detail your reaction to it.

The following pages explain both parts of a report.

"How to Come Up With a Good Topic Sentence for a Response to Literature" accessed September 07, 2019.

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What actions or inactions drive the story in one way or the other?

This should provide the basis for the structure of your work.Figurative language is most commonly something that appears in poetry but can also be found in a lot of fiction.You should be familiar with metaphor, alliteration, simile, personification, and hyperbole.To develop the first part of a report, do the following: A Report on Man's Search for Meaning Dr.Viktor Frankl's book Man's Search for Meaning (New York: Washington Square Press, 1966) is both an autobiographical account of his years as a prisoner in Nazi concentration camps and a presentation of his ideas about the meaning of life.The next part of the thesis deals with literary devices; to preserve the unity of the piece, each topic sentence should lead to a claim, the discussion of one device.If the essay is examining the Shakespearean sonnet's use of, say, metaphor, personification and imagery, the topic sentences should discuss one device only: "Shakespeare uses metaphor to intensify the emotional connection he feels with the loved one." The paragraph then goes on to discuss examples of metaphor in the piece.Highlight instances where a theme presents itself with textual evidence to use in your paper.Gather all of your information taken from the steps above and develop an outline to guide your first draft.A response to literature generally involves analysis of both the piece of literature and the literary devices found in the piece.The thesis should therefore be a two-pronged statement that is broken down into several limited claims; the topic sentence of each paragraph should address one of these claims.


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