Romanesque Vs Gothic Architecture Essay

But as you move further east and enter the quire, the uncomplicated architecture and decoration gives way to pointed arches and curlicue embellishments.

The sense of moving to a different building and place are somewhat confusing at first, until you are fully inside the east end and find yourself enveloped in the Gothic style.

The ceiling of Southwell Minster is a wooden barrel vault.

The arches, column capitals, window surrounds, and portals are decorated with carved patterns that are geometric and straightforward.

Larger churches were needed to accommodate the numerous monks and priests, as well as the pilgrims who came to view saints’ relics.

For the sake of fire resistance, masonry vaulting began to replace timber construction.The arcade on each side separates the nave from the side aisles, which allow people to move through the church to smaller side chapels.Above the first tier is a second arcade with smaller arches defining the gallery, and above that is another arcade – smaller still – which includes windows and is known as the clerestory.Romanesque architecture, architectural style current in Europe from about the mid-11th century to the advent of Gothic architecture.A fusion of Roman, Carolingian and Ottonian, Byzantine, and local Germanic traditions, it was a product of the great expansion of monasticism in the 10th–11th century.These intermediate ribs are known as tiercerons, and signify a further development into the more complex and decorated vaults that are an integral part of the English Decorated and Perpendicular Gothic styles.As a whole or in its individual parts, Southwell Minster is a brilliant example of medieval architecture in England and its rapid development over 200 years.Now the arches were pointed at the top, and the decoration was more and more ornate.Structurally, new techniques allowed for larger windows than were possible in the Romanesque idiom.Entrance, Southwell Minster chapter house (photo: Necrothesp) Because the Southwell Chapter House is relatively small, it does not require a center column to support the roof as a larger area would.The octagonal room is topped by a vault carried not only on ribs that reach to the center, but also on cross ribs that span between the main ribs.


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