Rough Draft Essay Example

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Try to say something about the overall experience—what you learned overall.

In this section of the Excelsior OWL, you have been learning about traditional structures for expository essays (essays that are thesis-based and offer a point-by-point body), but no matter what type of essay you’re writing, the rough draft is going to be an important part of your writing process.

For example—do not talk about a similarity, then a difference, vacillating back and forth because it creates a very choppy effect.

Instead, let’s assume you were going to talk about how having a dorm mate in college is different than you thought it would be.

When you draft, you don’t want to feel like “this has to be perfect.” If you put that much pressure on yourself, it can be really difficult to get your ideas down.

The sample rough draft on the right shows you an example of just how much more work a rough draft can need, even a really solid first draft.also not be argued that fraud pertaining to the documentary credit transaction can be equated to a fraud present in the documents that ... Thousands of dollars could be charged up before the credit card Company would discover the problem. That is money that could be used for school programs, or positive outreaches to our own communities, which are in need. The American law on documentary credit fraud is codified in ... In Summary: The most important thing for one to remember about credit card fraud is that it can happen to anyone. Credit card fraud is the problem of our generation because we are constantly hit with new technology and it distracts us from the things we are responsible for. The leading victims of credit card fraud are those at the ages between 21 through 36”, (credit. There are many types of credit card frauds including, “counterfeit cards, lost or stolen cards, identity-theft fraud, or simply giving your information to a company who isn’t legit, but is only after your money”, (Statistics Brains). According to Nan Little, author of the article “The Negative Effects of Stress”, states that “stress is the leading cause of anxiety, depression, heart disorders, weight, and difficulty sleeping”. “Credit card fraud costs hundreds of millions of dollars every year”, (Bob Nefer). development of American law relating to the fraud exception. Black Tuesday indicated the beginning of Great Depression. The rest of your essay would establish how it is hard!For example: I had assumed owning a puppy would be easy and a joy – that I would bounce out of bed every day ready to spend time with my new companion.Students often make one primary mistake with compare and contrast essays/comparison and contrast essays—that is, they think they are supposed to do both comparing and contrasting within one single paper—and that is not true.What you want to do is choose things, ideas, experiences, works of fiction, films, characters, etcetera that it would be fun to either compare or contrast.


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