School Life Is Fun Essay

Now at the end of my college journey, I know that while I did well in high school, there are some things in particular that made high school and college easier for me.And there are still more things I could have done to make my high school experience more fun, more manageable, and more beneficial. Take a class that scares you at least once during high school.At first, it's a good idea to write down where your seat is in your notebook so you don't forget.

Or maybe you'd like to bring along a book or magazine to read while you're on the bus.

Whatever you put in your backpack, make sure you pack it the night before.

Also if you have a good teacher, then school is fun, however, some lessons can be boring and ccan get into trouble easly and then thats makes school not fun.

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humor links help * * * by Mackenzie Cooper Sometimes high school seems like a necessary evil, that step between childhood and the structure of elementary school and adulthood and the freedom of college.

I remember feeling like I was just ready to be done and that was only the beginning of sophomore year.

Make the first move and you'll be glad you did and so will your new friend!

Sixth grade often signals a move to middle school or junior high, where you'll find lockers and maybe a homeroom.

Luckily, these "new" worries only stick around for a little while. Most teachers kick off the school year by introducing themselves and talking about all the stuff you'll be doing that year.

Some teachers give students a chance to tell something about themselves to the rest of the class.


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