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At Georgetown, I am present with the opportunity to take any classes I want and to be taught by some of the most learned and dynamic professors in the world.I was once told that in college, I "will take classes in subjects I had never thought or heard of, " and I am very excited to do this.

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This makes Hopkins a good match for me, as I, too, am very enthusiastic about the subjects I study.

I love learning, and when those around me do too, it creates a great atmosphere from which everyone benefits.

When I think of Georgetown University, I think of Washington and world affairs.

I do not know yet exactly what type of professional career I will pursue after schooling, but I do know that I wish to be internationally aware and involved, and that Georgetown would provide me with a solid foundation for that goal.

We learn most from interactions among other people, and the fact that this reputation of faculty accessibility and student involvement-both in the immediate Georgetown community and in Washington, D. The college that a person will go to often influences his personality, views, and career.

Therefore, when I hear people say that "it doesn't matter that much which college you go to.You can get a good education anywhere, if you are self-motivated," I tend to be rather skeptical.Perhaps, as far as actual knowledge is concerned, that statement is somewhat valid.Another aspect of Hopkins that attracts me greatly is its student body, diverse and multicultural, but at the same time uniformly strong academically. I think that, given my academic and cultural background, I would fit in well with the student life at Hopkins and contribute to it.Since I myself am a refugee from Russia, where I experienced social and cultural anti-Semitism, multiculturalism and acceptance of different groups are very important to me, not to mention that it allows me to meet people of different backgrounds and learn of their varying perspectives. Academically, too, I believe I would fit Hopkins well.If I were required to pick a major at this instant, I would choose history.If history were only studying, memorizing and regurgitating events, facts, and dates, I would be just as uninterested as most people.What struck me is the passion with which he talked about his field of study.At Hopkins, everyone-the students, the faculty, the administration-displays a certain earnestness about learning.My enthusiasm and activeness extend not just to academics, but to other aspects of life as well.I am very involved in extracurricular activities, participating in my school's engineering club and math team, and I love sports, having played on the varsity soccer and tennis teams for three years.


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