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And in general, we want to students to engage with controversy. If we have a holiday honoring somebody, the question on everyone’s mind should be, “Why are we honoring them? ” Those are important questions we want to ask as citizens.

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has celebrated the second Monday of October as a federal holiday, an "annual reaffirmation by the American people of their faith in the future, a declaration of willingness to face with confidence the imponderables of unknown tomorrows," according to a Senate report from the year Congress made Columbus Day a federal affair.

But the reasons we still have a holiday in his name are pretty straightforward.

They also show evidence that at least 12 other groups of people entered the Americas before Columbus.

Howard Zinn’s includes horrific, detailed eyewitness accounts of how the Spanish explorers treated the Native Americans.

I think there is a ton of potential in celebrating an Indigenous Peoples' Day, but what that is, what it looks like — we need to start with asking indigenous folks to define it., critique how textbooks have covered Columbus.

For instance, they lay out what specific textbooks omitted about Columbus’s involvement with the slave trade and genocide.As a citizen, you need to be able to critically engage and reflect in a discourse around the public celebration and honoring of historical events and figures. You need to be able to deeply understand the profoundly problematic past of this great nation. ” We’re facing similar questions about how we commemorate the confederacy and the Civil War.Historical knowledge can help students create an argument to answer those questions.The Columbus controversy can also help students see that history is still applicable today.Right now, across the country, cities and schools are faced with the question, “Should we celebrate Columbus?A genocide happened in "the Americas," and it began with Columbus.When it comes to celebrating Indigenous Peoples' Day, I want to make sure we do justice to indigenous folks.11 holiday to avoid the increased cost of an extra paid holiday, Italian Americans spoke out against the bill and it was voted down, he told The Times in 2009.See the most-read stories this hour Since Congress enshrined the day as a public holiday in 1968, it would take another act of Congress to eliminate it.


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