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Frederick Chilton, who runs the mental institution that holds Lecter), Senator Martin strikes a deal to have the cannibal relocated to a federal prison with a view in exchange for Buffalo Bill's name.Lecter being Lecter, he provides Martin with a false name to bide some time until his escape from a Memphis holding cell, which he carries off as easily as a seasoned magician performing a disappearing act.

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He begins a "quid pro quo" exchange with the young cadet, handing over cryptic information that will help Starling solve the case herself, in exchange for information about her father's death in her childhood and subsequent relocation to a horse and sheep farm in Montana.

We learn that Starling was eventually sent to an orphanage after attempting to rescue a mare from the butcher knife, tormented as she does so by the sound of lambs screaming in terror as they go to slaughter.

Utilizing the details provided by Lecter—namely, that Buffalo Bill believes he is a transsexual (but isn't really transgendered) and is making a "woman suit" because he "covets" their flesh—Starling figures out that the killer knew his first victim, Francesca Bimmel, and so travels to Belvedere, Ohio to do some more sleuthing (see the section on the 1991 film for a broader discussion of transgender issues in this narrative).

This leads her to the door of a local seamstress who employed Bimmel from time to time.

There have been made motion pictures after both those books.

Thomas, a native of Mississippi, began his writing career covering crime in the United States and Mexico, and was a reporter and editor for the Associated Press in New York City.

A chase through Gumb's labyrinthine, House of Horrors-like basement ensues, resulting in Starling gunning down Gumb and rescuing Catherine Martin, who was mere minutes away from death before Starling showed up.

Harris mentions in his foreword for (published in 2000) that when he began writing SOTL, he didn't initially intend to bring Hannibal Lecter back.

He is indeed asking Graham to come with him to Atlanta to take a look of the crime scene.

Graham isn't too eager about going away from his family and loved ones but does it anyway.


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