Sociology Research Paper On Homelessness

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There is much debate regarding the claim that homelessness is the result of lack of resources, laziness, or even lack of motivation.

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It is also clear that homelessness is caused by many risk factors, including individual risks, low-income and poverty, and structural risks.

The more a person is exposed to these risks, the greater their risk of becoming homeless.

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Homelessness has increasingly become a problem in the United States over the past few decades as is evident in Pennsylvania's increasing homeless communities, and it is only continuing to get worse.

The epidemic has skyrocketed over the last few years, as (Champion, 2010).

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Homelessness can be understood in the context of Conflict Theory, which holds that capitalism is the main reason for homelessness in the United States.

This also means that the chance for a person to remain homeless becomes greater as well.

An explanation of the epidemic of homelessness involves capitalism.


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