Solved Problems On Time Value Of Money

Second, develop the habit of setting up your calculator before every time value of money problem.

Setting up your calculator involves clearing its memory registers (again, see the bottom panel of ).

Unlike a financial calculator, you must go to the right screen on these graphing calculators.

Just do the keystrokes above each time you want to do a TVM problem and you'll be fine.

Despite the equal value at time of disbursement, receiving the $10,000 today has more value and utility to the beneficiary than receiving it in the future due to the opportunity costs associated with the wait.

Such opportunity costs could include the potential gain on interest were that money received today and held in a savings account for two years.For most college finance classes, this comes in the form of a financial calculator. While this equation is only one of several equations we will review, you will soon see that most TVM calculations are single equations and contain four variables.(Note: we also include Excel functions in this chapter.) Using the calculator greatly simplifies the time value of money process. Given the use of a calculator or computer, solving for any of the four variables in the equation with a financial calculator becomes what we will call a "3 find 4" game.For most of us, this surpasses our mental-math capabilities.Hence, you will need some calculation assistance for most TVM calculations. Since there is only one equation, there can be only one unknown.Further illustrating the rational investor's preference, assume you have the option to choose between receiving ,000 now versus ,000 in two years.It's reasonable to assume most people would choose the first option.Almost all time value of money problems we do in this text will be "3 find 4" games (sadly, there are a few exceptions).A "3 find 4" game means that we enter values for three of the four variables (say, select 1: Finance, then 1: TVM Solver.uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies.


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