Solving Dilution Problems

Solving Dilution Problems-8
Consequently, the molarity is one-fifth of its original value.

Consequently, the molarity is one-fifth of its original value.

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You dilute the solution by adding enough water to make the solution volume \(500. The new molarity can easily be calculated by using the above equation and solving for \(M_2\).

\[M_2 = \frac = \frac = 0.40 \: \text \: \ce\] The solution has been diluted by one-fifth since the new volume is five times as great as the original volume.

When ordered from a chemical supply company, its molarity is \(16 \: \text\).

How much of the stock solution of nitric acid needs to be used to make \(8.00 \: \text\) of a \(0.50 \: \text\) solution?

Solutions containing a precise mass of solute in a precise volume of solution are called stock (or standard) solutions.

To prepare a standard solution a piece of lab equipment called a volumetric flask should be used.These two terms do not provide any quantitative information (actual numbers) - but they are often useful in comparing solutions in a more general sense.These terms also do not tell us whether or not the solution is saturated or unsaturated, or whether the solution is "strong" or "weak".We are often concerned with how much solute is dissolved in a given amount of solution.We will begin our discussion of solution concentration with two related and relative terms - dilute and concentrated.The highly concentrated solution is typically referred to as the stock solution.Example \(\Page Index\): Diluting NITRIC ACID Nitric acid \(\left( \ce \right)\) is a powerful and corrosive acid.In a hospital emergency room, a physician orders an intravenous (IV) delivery of 100 m L of 0.5% KCl for a patient suffering from hypokalemia (low potassium levels).Does an aide run to a supply cabinet and take out an IV bag containing this concentration of KCl? It is more probable that the aide must make the proper solution from an IV bag of sterile solution and a more concentrated, sterile solution, called a , of KCl.The aide is expected to use a syringe to draw up some stock solution and inject it into the waiting IV bag and dilute it to the proper concentration. Of course, the addition of the stock solution affects the total volume of the diluted solution, but the final concentration is likely close enough even for medical purposes.Medical and pharmaceutical personnel are constantly dealing with dosages that require concentration measurements and dilutions.


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