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That is, organisational sustainability can be achieved only through the combination of social (people), environmental (planet), and economic (profit) performance.There have been a growing number of literature reviews that address sustainable issues in the field of operations and supply chain management (OSCM). First, most previous reviews are largely focused on generic sustainable supply chain management (e.g. This narrow focus calls for research into other aspects (e.g.

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The term ethical sourcing is often used interchangeably with other similar terms such as socially responsible buying (e.g. However, the basic concept is similar in the aspect of describing the involvement of business in sourcing decisions that cover ethical, social, and economic issues.

Indeed, they are similar to the broader term sustainable sourcing, which is in line with the triple bottom line concept.

Despite harsh criticism for its ethical fecklessness, Wal-Mart and Nike greatly improved their image so that they are now seen as leaders in social responsibility.

In this study, we refer to ethical sourcing as managing all processes of supplying the firm with required materials and services from a set of suppliers in an ethical and socially responsible manner. Each term has been defined in a unique and specific way.

This leads us to complement existing studies by providing a rigorous, focused review on its social aspect, namely ethical sourcing.

This study thus attempts to provide the current status of ethical sourcing studies, as well as advancing our understanding on how this field has evolved over time.SLNA has been successfully applied in the OSCM field (e.g. However, this approach has not been used in the area of ethical sourcing, despite its potential value which can identify the evolution of thought in the subject.Compared with a traditional review, SLNA is beneficial in terms of analysing ethical sourcing studies in a more scientific and objective way.Based on this approach, we identify (1) distinctive features of ethical sourcing studies such as growth trends and content issues; (2) important articles that have played a significant role in developing this field; (3) evolutionary paths that show how its knowledge has been created and transferred; (4) emerging trends that have received growing attention in the recent literature; (5) main research areas that underlie the entire ethical sourcing studies; and (6) major implications that need to be pursued in future research.The results of this study provide not only the current status of the literature but also the patterns of evolution in this field of research, thus contributing to the existing literature.For these aims, we seek in this study to identify (1) distinctive features of ethical sourcing studies; (2) important articles that have played a significant role in developing this field; (3) evolutionary paths that show how its knowledge has been created and transferred; (4) emerging trends that have received growing attention in the recent literature; (5) main research areas that underlie the entire ethical sourcing studies; and (6) major implications that need to be pursued in future research.This is a timely study, given that ethical issues (e.g.Unlike a traditional, narrative literature review, the SLR is carried out in a way that is scientific and transparent, thus helping limit researcher bias in all aspects of the review process. This study collected sample articles and its associated citation data from the Web of Science.The Web of Science is one of the well-established citation databases provided by Thomson Reuters, covering over 12,000 high impact peer-reviewed journals.Basically, this approach combines two research techniques: a systematic literature review (SLR) and a citation network analysis (CNA).The SLR is used in this study as a scientific tool to select the most relevant ethical sourcing articles, while CNA is used as a research technique to analyse its bibliographic data.


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