Sport Complex Business Plan

Lightning is one of the most common and dangerous severe weather conditions that put sports complex operations at risk.

When building your facility, the best weather safety practice is to also install a lightning detection system.

When it comes to irrigation, you can choose between portable systems or in-ground systems.

Your choice will probably depend on the historical weather data for your area, your budget, and the lay out of your sports complex.

You must present your plans to your local municipality for approval.

Typically, you’ll have to specifically meet with their zoning department.

If you go with natural grass, you need to think about: Two things that are important no matter what type of field you create are irrigation and draining.

While you don’t need to irrigate synthetic turf fields, you still need to worry about draining.

Building a few complexes isn’t enough to make them your go-to contractor, though.

Visit their websites, see past projects, and ask for testimonials.


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