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Manchester’s ability to embrace the social science aspect has led to a tourism industry that has the potential to continue to expand (Ashworth and Page 2010, pp. An associated increase in revenue and visitors is a positive credit to the underlying effort.

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Manchester has found itself in positive area by building a partnership with both the social and legislative elements.

Manchester has recognized that the area of sport is a very popular cultural draw with the potential to spread good will towards the entire city and region (Tallon 2010, pp. This facet of their plan not only built a solid foundation, but expanded the accompany revenue base.

The establishment of stronger underlying elements enables the wide variety of non-sport related activities to benefit from the industry as well (Law 2010, pp. Through the increased capacity to travel easily, more visitors have been attributed with coming to the city, providing a wealth of revenue for many of the industries that rest well outside of the sport focus.

Yet, this also brings in the potential for related issues that could detract from the sport centred focus of the city (Law 2010, pp.

Targeting a market with substantial revenue, yet possessing potentially negative aspects when interacting with sport centred marketing, there is a real need to develop an overall approach that provides an inclusive element for progress (Hughes 2003, pp. The ability to include the often contrasting positions of the competing groups in the city provides an ample illustration of the capability of the regional government to conduct large scale tourist attractions.

In an effort to address the diverse industries vital to the city, Manchester created a council referred to as the Employment in Construction Charter with the focus of linking the public sector to the private companies in order to distribute the growing revenue (Spirou 2011, pp. This is a direct reflection of the effort to balance the division of power in order to promote a policy of growth for each of the separate factions.By continuing to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies.We use cookies to offer you a better experience, personalize content, tailor advertising, provide social media features, and better understand the use of our services.Regulators instituted policies that have resulted in the construction of the City of Manchester Stadium, with the explicit goal of revitalizing the entire district.This approach to the revitalisation effort has been heralded as a solid foundation upon which to build the regeneration of Manchester’s entire infrastructure (Tallon 2010, pp. Underlying policies that are conducive to the sport arena are credited for energizing the tourist trade, transforming the image of the city itself as well as creating a sustainable form of industry that can serve to propel the city into the next era.Each of these components adds value, yet, the potential for a substantial lack of cohesiveness does exist (Tallon 2010, pp.239) Employing governmental assistance that designated Greater Manchester an ‘Enterprise Zone’ in 1987, there has been a sustained drive to capitalize on the potential for urban tourism centred on the area of sport (Tallon 2010, pp. This on-going assistance has been a tremendous benefit to the implementation of the urban renewal plan.In a very public effort to rebrand the city in the 1990’s, Manchester adopted the new motto “The life and Soul of Britain” (Spirou 2011, pp. A demonstrative first step allows a positive perception to begin.This rededication was a precursor of the effort to improve the social and cultural perception of Manchester as a destination.To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.The evolution of Urban Tourism has provided a wide range of opportunity for the city of Manchester, UK.


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