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All in all, 9/11 Memorial fully corresponds to the importance of the event it is commemorating – the most horrific and gruesome tragedy in the entire American history is marked by the most impressive and imposing monument in the country.

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Ask them to write a short essay, journal entry, poem, or even a list about the events of September 11, 2001.

Here are a few writing prompts about 9/11 to get them started.

We could just call it, "the terrorist attack on the world trade center" or "the terrorist attack against the pentagon".

However, this would take away from the magnitude of this outlandish event.

It was surrounded with new care as an important symbol of hope, preservation of life and rebirth.

It, however, wasn’t the end of the tree’s misfortunes – in 2010 it was uprooted by a storm and replanted again – true to its name, it stubbornly refused to die the second time.Also it would take too long to say the terrorist attacks on the world trade center and on the pentagon every time you talked about it. But 9/11 is even quicker and has a catchy sort of rhythm to it, and it is the number you dial for the police.It was such a big and surprising thing that it deserves to be set apart somehow.The Memorial consists of several objects in this or that way commemorating the September 11 attacks.The main element of the Memorial are two enormous pools with largest man-made waterfalls in the United States, located at exact spots the twin towers of the World Trade Center once stood.At the moment it was badly burned and barely alive.Although nobody really believed that it was going to survive, it was replanted in a Bronx nursery and, to universal surprise, showed the signs of new growth the next spring.The pools are surrounded by trees, namely swamp white oaks and American sweetgums, which have been chosen for this role because they grow to 60-80 feet and their lifespan is 300-350 years, which means that they will be standing for years after all who had anything to do with building of the Memorial are long gone.Another important element of the design is the so-called Survivor Tree – a callery pear that was found in the rubble left after the collapse of the World Trade Center.I remember sitting in my homeroosm a bit after homeroom was suppose to have ended, playing magic with my friends.I was glad for a delay in going to classes even though I didn't know why. September 11, 2003 started off as a normal day for President George W. He woke up for an early morning jog and then headed to an elementary school to speak to a class. Still shaking the effects of the post 911 attack against our country, it is inevitably difficult to ignore the possibility that one of these groups may have struck again. Controvery in regards to this tragedy evolve in our minds when we remember 911 and the fact that we are currently at war with the Middle East. America today, or more correctly right after 911 had flags flying everywhere possible. It seems that the further we get from 911 the more American's are waking up to the fact that the wool was pulled over their eyes by team Bush. Now to be honest, I could actually agree on why Syria might attack because the U. isn't really that focused on Syria but if we get involved it might prevent an attack like 911 and if we don't get involved it might cause an attack like 911. Well first off if you think about it, does our country really need another repeat of 911? The reactive instinct of the Police will also have to be curtailed, the so called "tyranny of 911" has to be controlled and although some reactive or emergency services will be necessary they have to escape the tyranny of the 911 services in favor of reliance to the community and the new model along with mutual [email protected] (Sparrow chapter 4) It will take some time for the movement from "just the fact=s ma'am" to a more caring police officer who is a social worker, councilor and law enforcer. Brantford is serviced by three 911 lines, 1 local emergency line, 2 taped admin lines and one non-taped admin line. A call was received on the 911 line, a man called to report that there was smoke coming from underneath his neighbour's apartment door. Calls that come in on either the 911 lines or the local emergency lines are answered in the normal way, "Fire Department, what is the emergency? TTD is built into the Cri Sys system and the 911 Operators in Sudbury provide access to translator services if required. The event forever known as 911 hit Americans collectively in the gut with the realization that they were not safe anymore, and probably never would feel happy go lucky again. " (Sontag 86) The photographs of 911 did all that; they made us more aware that only peace is safe, incensed us to the point of wanting to kill those responsible, and made us aware that bad things definitely can and do happen. Not even in the movies were there scenes as grisly and grotesque as the images of 911. " (Butler 98) The 911 images haunt us because we know now those lives are all gone.


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