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Introduction ENGL 1201 College English I and ENGL 1201-0160 are First Year Writing Courses, the main subject of coursework consists of the writing and reading processes of expository and persuasive rhetoric/argument.• Students are required to write between three to five papers (fifteen – twenty pages of formal writing). • At least ONE paper, the research paper and the last of the semester, 5-6 pages.

with a verbal SAT under 550) can place himself or herself into either ENGL 1201 or ENGL 1201-0160 (our basic skills course).

Students complete a survey and write an essay in response to one of three readings.

Instructor: Professor Mary Mackey PLEASE NOTE: Keep all copies of your essays (graded and ungraded) until at least November APRIL 3.


The curriculum is outlined in the following links: Elements For College English I (ENGL 1201) We use Directed Self-Placement for all first year students.

This means that any student who would normally be tested (i.e.

ENGL 1201 requires students to write generally shorter, well-developed papers, though the last paper must be a somewhat longer researched essay. Our Basic Skills courses are extended versions of 1201, with supplemental class-time.

In other words, ENGL 1201-0160 functions as an intensive version of ENGL 1201.

If the faculty member disagrees with a student’s placement, he or she contacts the student and advises the student accordingly.

Many students switch their placement according to the faculty member’s advice, but the final decision remains the student’s.


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