Teaching The Argumentative Essay

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If your students as a group have a problem with a particular aspect of grammar, you should address it in class.But most good grammar instruction comes from looking at student work and published essays, and discussing how the grammar works as part of the whole communication.

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Writing is a process involving close reading, brainstorming, developing an argument, formulating a coherent structure, and drafting and revising. There is no one answer, but there is a good guideline: the Golden Rule.

You may also wish to clarify the distinction between persuasion and argument by pointing out that persuasive structure might be thought of as What do I want you to think?

and What reasons and opinions can I share to sway your opinion? Analyzing World War II Posters Students analyze World War II posters, as a group and then independently, to explore how argument, persuasion and propaganda differ.

“Teaching” grammar in class is mostly a thing of the past—drills, conjugations, etc.

But dealing with grammar in class is very much alive and important.


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