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For instance, with regard to education, it is hoped that teachers will turn into interdisciplinary enablers of learners’ creativity.Educators do, indeed, have the ability to create a legitimate space for experimentation with the intention of guiding learning toward the intended results (Khosrowpour 45).

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Medical practitioners have been able to provide enhanced services due to the three dimensional images of the internal structure of bodies that medical technologies have provided.

These images are useful in creating a framework of the patient’s problem, a situation that helps in providing enhanced treatment (Papert 15).

The Toshiba ‘s TEC Hybrid Fitting System, as an example, has offered options, color variations, and other aspects for the shoppers to make their choices.

Technology has been presenting several other opportunities, for example, in the beauty arena, the contemporary hair and make-ups are being facilitated by technology.

Evolution of technology can, therefore, be regarded as a lee way or a facilitator of advancement in the present world.

The advancements in Information Technology (IT) have elevated lifestyle and made business activities run faster, easier, and efficient than when, say, computers were absent.

Moreover, the lack of electricity was a great derailment to other practices that requires machines, some of which wouldn’t have been powered by fossil fuels.

These machines include computers, television and radio sets.

In the field of medicine, technology, and especially Information Technology has been a major contributor to medical success.

Doctors have been able to acquire data using machines like computerized axial tomography and the magnetic resonance imaging.


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