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The doctor developed a method to prevent the rejection of animal tissue by the human body.

According to him, the key is an “antigen-suppression agent” necessary to prevent the body from rejecting tissue from another organism. Hypothalamic hormones in the brain were identified using pigs In the 1950s Roger Guillemin and Andrew von Schally - award winners of the 1977 Nobel Prize for the discoveries concerning the brain production of peptide hormones – experimented on pigs to isolate extracts from the hypothalamus that could bring about the release of different hormones from the pituitary gland.

Pork-derived insulin is nearly identical to human insulin and can be utilized by our bodies.

According to an article in ‘Diabetes Forecast’, 2 tons of pig parts were needed to extract just eight ounces of purified insulin. It has now been replaced by insulin produced by living microorganisms, genetically modified with human genes to produce insulin. The 1st tissue-engineered whole-organ transplant was performed in 2008 following preclinical studies in pigs.

They have been domesticated for several thousand years and differ somewhat from other laboratory animals in that they have been primarily used as a food source.

There is voluminous research about swine production, beginning as efforts to increase their viability as a food source and in recent years, to improve their welfare conditions.A lactating sow has a special call to let her piglets know its food time.Newborn piglets learn to run to their mothers’ voices and mother pigs will sing to their young while nursing. The CT or CAT scan was developed using pig tissue The CAT – computer-assisted topography – scans revolutionised the ability of doctors to visualise our internal organs, and are now more commonly used to research, diagnose and monitor a huge range of diseases.They were investigating the function of the brain’s hypothalamus to coordinate hormone release in disparate parts of the body.10 years later, they were able to isolate, characterise and synthesise some of these ‘releasing factors, finding them to be peptide hormones. Dr Stanley Curtis says pigs have an amzing ability to learn and remember, and he tested this out by creating a video game for pigs to play.Their results were directly transferable to humans, and provided researchers and clinicians with important insights into the endocrine system and its related diseases. Pig skin is very sensitive, mud helps prevent sunburns Pigs have no sweat glands, so they roll around in mud to stay cool, but also because the mud acts as sunscreen and keeps the bugs away. Using their nose, pigs were taught to control a modified joystick to play the game.Pig skin is one of the toughest and most useful of animal hides, yet it is extremely sensitive to temperature and injury. Using M&M and skittles as rewards, the pigs had to move the computer cursor to match drawings thay saw on the screen.Pajor, assistant professor of animal behavior and welfare at Purdue."We want to know: How important is social contact and space?The first whole-organ transplant made using tissue engineered from the patient’s own stem cells was performed in June 2008, following preclinical studies on mice and pigs. New surgical techniques are developed and practiced in pigs because their organs are a similar size to those of humans.Both pigs and humans are mammals with a very similar feeding process (unlike cows that are ruminants).


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