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It is generally the first sentence of each body paragraph and tells the reader the main point of the paragraph.Just as with the thesis statement, the topic sentence should be neither too general nor too specific. The responses to these questions -- not the questions themselves -- can be incorporated into your body paragraphs as analysis.

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The main organs are the cerebellum, which controls and coordinates movement. Some problems are, a bruise, a hernia, and muscular dystrophy.

The cerebrum, is the center for conscious thought, learning, and memory. The brain stem keeps the automatic systems The muscular system is a group of tough tissues that make up the body parts move and help in maintaining posture. You can care for your muscular system by doing regular physical activity, have good posture, and don’t forget RICE. The three main functions of the skeletal system are to provide framework, give support, and protect organs. A ligament is a strong tissue that attaches two bones together and cartilage is soft tissue between bones that acts like a cushion.

As an Asian, there are many characteristics that my differ from lets say the ¡°white¡± peoples such as the color of the hair, eyes, shape of the nose, mouth, and body structure.

My hair color is brownish-red although my natural color is black, my eyes are brown and they are a lot smaller then an average Canadian, the tip of my nose is flat whereas a Canadian¡¯ nose would be fairly pointy. I am about 5¡±10 in height and I weigh approximately around 150 pounds and this is due to the lack of muscles.

The main organs are tendons, smooth muscles, skeletal muscles, and cardiac muscles. They work with the bones of the skeleton to allow you to move. Problems can result from accidents, bad posture, bad diet and viral infections.

Tendons are tough tissues that connect muscle to bone. You can have osteoporosis, scoliosis, arthritis, a fracture, or a sprain.Inside each body paragraph, the writer incorporates explanation, analysis and specific examples that examine the topic and defend the thesis statement.If you look at each body paragraph as a mini-essay, then the topic sentence is like the thesis statement.She is a college professor of literature and composition. The body uses nine systems to do all of those jobs.In this essay, I will try to describe as accurate as possible, my own feelings towards my own body and how others perceive me.As you probably would know, I am from an Asian background.Every human being¡¯s body is different in one way or another.There are so many things that make each body different, but at the same time unique.Asking yourself questions as you write can help to successfully develop your statements. Effective support can include properly cited quotations, hypothetical examples, real world events and personal anecdotes.The function of providing specific examples is to give concrete evidence of the topic sentence.


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