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It is a way of life to them with roots that run deep into heart and soul of gender differences in the Old South.

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It has been suggested that this scene is a reenactment of the heroine Philomela and that Walker is referring to this archetype in this scene (Cutter, p. Celie does not understand what is going on and does not understand morning sickness. When Celie gives birth to two babies by her own father, they are taken from her and sold in town.

She id kept ignorant about the most practical matters of life. Celie is led to believe that the infants are killed.

Color of Oppression in 'The Color Purple' Women in Old South Violence and Oppression Rape as obligation Ignorance as control Women as livestock A Woman's Place Violence as the daily routine Violence as a manly obligation Bruises as a symbol of oppression Dreams Never Mentioned Freedom vs.

fear Beating as social obligation Freedom within vs. Conclusion The Color of Oppression in 'The Color Purple' Alice Walker gives the reader a glimpse into the minds of her characters through her unique expository style.

This is to make certain that she does not try to look for them later.

It also demonstrates the extent to which people are considered property and women are treated more like livestock in this culture.

Black women were not officially slaves, but they were still treated as such.

Men could speak openly about abuses toward women, but women did not dare reciprocate.

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