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How does the writer of this novel utilize this point of view in a unique way? What is unique about the grammar used by two of the main characters in the novel?

Why do you suppose the writer felt it was important to tell her story in the first person point of view?

Toby Clements at , “Each of the many relationships between the large cast of characters is perfectly captured, and there is a layer after layer of irony...most impressive—and attractive—is the blend of rage and humor with which she writes and that is what makes this novel at once so horrifying and yet so savagely funny.” While most critics have hailed the novel as a success, some have criticized Stockett for her use of outdated dialect.

Janet Maslin from the , said, “The trouble on the pages of Skeeter's book is nothing compared with the trouble Ms.

Removing #book# from your Reading List will also remove any bookmarked pages associated with this title.

Discuss the theme of incest in the novel, both its physical occurrrence and its symbolic dimensions. Discuss Dick Diver's quest for innocence — why he needs it and what he finds. Is Dick Diver, finally, a good man destroyed because of forces beyond his own control or because of the weaknesses in his own personality?

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The Help is a story about how black females “helped” white women become “progressive” in the 1960’s.

In my opinion, “The Help” I must admit that it exposes some of our deepest racial, gender, and class wounds as individuals and social groups, and that the story behind the story is a call to respect our wounds and mutual wounding so that healing may have a chance to begin and bring social For example, when Celia was afraid to tell her husband about the maid she hired without his knowledge and kept it a secret because she had not got his permission for making that type of decision.


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