The Impact Of Technology On Society Essay

The Impact Of Technology On Society Essay-68
The weight of the plastic is very less and it is almost as strong as metals.

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Among the most stubborn forms of garbage are plastics.

They do not rot as naturally as their other counterparts.

Also, when burned up, they emit fumes which contain very harmful chemicals.

Here, we focus on the ways plastics affect the planet we call home.

Trash is everyday materials such as plastic bags,water bottles, milk packets, and electronic parts and so on.

High impact plastics find their way to the environment in many different ways including when you ‘innocently’ through a water bottle to the dustbin in town.Records showed that the amount of plastic made in the first 10 years of 21century. Low quality plastic is generally weak and is used for making utensils, vessels etc.There are several advantages with plastic which can’t be compared with others.For this reason, food is available in cans, plastic containers, and other materials.The more people make use of these items, the higher the rate at which they accumulate the amount of garbage on the planet.You may even have an item such as cloth but not recognize the fact that the buttons are made of plastic.It may not be a surprise to recognize the fact that plastics are among the most used material on the planet.The usage of plastic is increasing day by day and researchers are also trying to develop more durable, less weight, strong plastic to meet today’s needs.The usage of plastic is increasing exponentially from the last century. High quality plastic is very strong and is generally used for making products like cabins, mobile and laptop cases etc.The fact that they are among the cheapest and most commonly available materials makes them among the most dangerous pollutants on the planet.The harmful effects of plastics may include the introduction of inorganic materials in the soil and harmful gasses in the atmosphere when it is burned, but plastics do more than that as they have compounds that may cause diseases to people and animals.


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