The Loved One Evelyn Waugh Essay

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That's understood out here, thanks to the example we've set.

There are jobs that an Englishman just doesn't take.

At any rate, the Whispering Glades Memorial Park of this novel could hardly have been imagined by any English writer! But she appealed to some perverse element in Dennis.

Dennis Barlow, a young English poet who had lost his movie job, found refuge as an attendant in The Happier Hunting Ground, a pet cemetery and crematorium which sped on a lesser scale many of the wondrous innovations of the greater institution. Dennis courted her with excerpts from the great poets (she thought they were his) and plunged her deeper into the lore of Whispering Glades. Waugh gets through with the sanctimonious, sentimental, hypocritical, childish, disgusting, ostentatious, mercenary and vulgar practices of Whispering Glades he has produced a gruesome mixture of farce and indignation.

At the same time, she learns Dennis's other secret, that he works at the pet cemetery, which the employees of Whispering Glades consider to be a degraded establishment.

Aimée breaks off her private engagement to Dennis and quickly becomes publicly engaged to Mr. When Dennis reminds her that she made a promise to marry him, from which he refuses to release her, Aimée becomes distraught and commits suicide. Joyboy, afraid that the scandal of his fiancee's suicide will ruin him professionally, goes to Dennis for help.Meanwhile, Dennis is approached by Sir Ambrose, who is so appalled at Dennis's pet cemetery job that he pays him to go back to England. Joyboy to help him cart Aimée's body to the pet cemetery for a secret cremation.The plan is that everyone will think Aimée ran away with Dennis, who will move back to England. Joyboy for the financing of this plan, adding it to the payoff from Sir Ambrose.Most of the characters either work in one of the funeral homes or are employed by a Hollywood film studio.Waugh portrays the Los Angeles denizens as part of a culture that fosters and encourages the selfish pursuit of petty goals.Dennis Barlow is a young British poet, who, having lost his movie job, is temporarily employed at The Happier Hunting Ground, a pet cemetery modeled after the hallowed Whispering Glades, graveyard to the stars.But such a lowly job is anathema to the British expatriate community, as Sir Ambrose Abercrombie informs him: We limeys have a peculiar position to keep up, you know, Barlow. He knows what he's buying and it's only the finest type of Englishman that you meet out here. It's a responsibility, I can tell you, and in various degrees every Englishman out here shares it.Evelyn Waugh's novel, The Loved One, is a pitiless satire on the shallowness and pretensions of British expatriates and Americans in post-World War II Los Angeles.The action is set principally in two funeral parlors, one for humans and the other for pets.It is a more truly decadent phase of civilization than many more conventional corruptions.That such a tendency can be found in Southern California, and nearly anywhere else in the United States today, is probably true.


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