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Gregor’s denial of love stems from the misunderstanding and fear his family originally feels.

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In this novella, Gregor, the protagonist, transforms into a monstrous vermin.

His mother, father, and sister are forced to adjust their lives to accommodate to living with a human-sized insect in the house.

However, he does not want to accept this fact just yet because he was so sure of his family's love before his transformation.

Kafka utilizes the plot of The Metamorphosis to illustrate the succeeding stage of isolation: the acceptance of isolation.

The very first symbol in The Metamorphosis is a picture that hangs on Gregor’s wall.

Kafka describes Gregor’s surroundings in great detail, making sure to include a lengthy depiction of a cut out picture of a lady “sitting upright, dressed in a fur hat and fur boa” (Kafka, 1).The reader is informed that until that morning, Gregor has been an ordinary person, a traveling salesman, and the images of his room are carefully crafted.In the beginning, he does not realize how dramatic his transformation had been.Acceptance of isolation occurs when the isolator consciously and decisively puts another in isolation and the other accepts that he is, in fact, isolated, and no longer tries to tell himself otherwise.Kafka presents this stage as the most important stage of isolation for both the isolator and he who is isolated because it is an “eye-opener” for both.Gregor, like the lady in furs, is isolated in the animal world, even though he considers himself fully human on the inside.In the first stage of isolation, Gregor is in a state of confusion about himself and his familial relations.While misunderstanding can be defined differently for various isolation situations, in Gregor’s circumstance, the misunderstanding comes from inadequate comprehension of the change that has become Gregor.Gregor hopes that his family will accept the transformation calmly (Kafka, 15), when in reality Gregor’s family cannot comprehend his predicament and, out of fear, shuts him away from their gaze.His sister and mother were finally driven to tears, and his father into a panic.The door is a major image cast in the story because throughout the entire novel.


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