The Real Meaning Of Christmas Essay

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One of the most efficacious means to receive Jesus with the best of dispositions is to beg Our Lady to give us her Immaculate Heart so as to receive Jesus in Holy Communion with burning charity.

Imagine Our Lady when she would have received Holy Communion from the hand of the Apostle Saint John the Evangelist. Before receiving Holy Communion we should always make some act of reverence; this might be a genuflection or a bowing of the head.

The true interpretation of the word Bethlehem is “House of Bread”.

Jesus who would later in His Public ministry call Himself the “Bread of Life” (Bread of life Discourse: Jn.

This does not exclude the fact that you can offer your own intentions.

On the contrary, you can offer as many personal intentions as you want — a million if your heart so desires!We should unite with the choirs of angels, the saints and especially the most pure and Immaculate Heart of Mary to pour forth in abundance our gratitude for such a sublime gift, the gift of gifts which is the most Holy Eucharist. After Our Lady conceived Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit, she immediately went in haste to bring Jesus to others, her aged cousin Elizabeth who was with child.Our reception of Holy Communion should transform us into fiery apostles of the love of Jesus.Three suggestions for intentions: ; you receive the most Sacred Heart of Jesus with its absolute purity and holiness as well as all of the most sublime virtues that were always present in His Heart.As the Dogmatic Constitution on the Liturgy from the Second Vatican Council strongly recommends we are called to participate in Holy Mass fully, actively, and consciously.5:8) If you like, the clearer and more transparent the window pane the more abundant will be the inpouring of the light of the sun.So Jesus who is the “Sun of God” in Holy Communion will break forth with greater abundance in a pure and transparent soul.Indeed this is an enormous challenge because we live in a world full of distractions and even in the Mass there are present many distractions.Beg the assistance of your Guardian angel to come to your rescue.An attentive listening to the Word of God can dispose our minds and hearts to receive the Bread of Life more efficaciously.Therefore: ears, mind, and hearts open to receive the Word of God. St Luke presents Our Lady pondering the Word of God in her heart!


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